I Am Enough

~ Carl Rogers

Enough for what?  Perhaps whatever task or challenge comes next.  To say “I am enough” is to issue a self-fulfilling prophecies — if I think I am not enough, I probably won’t be, but if I think I am enough, at least I have a good chance of being enough — of being sufficient to accomplish the task or meet the challenge.

This is part of what Carl would say to himself before every therapy session.

2 comments to I Am Enough

  • Kip Nettles

    I’m good enough. I’m smart enough, and doggone it, people like me. -SNL

    I actually believe in daily affirmation. Or at least remining yourself that you have control of your outlook on life. I’m not talking about chemical depression. The FSM knows that there has been plenty of times when I tried affirming myself, and my neurochemicals said nope, but I also remember back in high school, I was grumpy every morning, and my dad told me (probably for the millionth time) that I could choose to be grumpy every morning or I could choose to be cheerful. I tried being cheerful, and it worked, maybe not every day, but often.

  • Is it possible to transform negative emotions into positive emotions? Is it easy? Hard? Are there techniques and practices that help?

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