Strive for Something Wonderful, Challenging and Adventurous

Failure is a reality; we all fail at times, and it’s painful when we do. But it’s better to fail while striving for something wonderful, challenging, adventurous, and uncertain than to say, ” I don’t want to try because I may not succeed completely.”

~ Jimmy Carter

3 comments to Strive for Something Wonderful, Challenging and Adventurous

  • Jim

    Dream the impossible dream
    Fight the unbeatable foe
    Bear the unbearable sorrow
    Run where the brave dare not go

    Is it a recipe for delusional grandiosity and unreasonable self-expectations?

  • Well, your quote is about Don Quixote, who was just plain crazy. Cervantes wrote about him as a parody of the unrealistic chivalric novels of the time. Jimmy Carter, on the other hand, sponsors Habitat for Humanity, helps oversee elections in foreign countries, and received the Nobel Peace Prize for his work.

  • Kip Nettles

    I personally really appreciate those people that tried for the improbable. Most of human’s advancements seem inevitable in retrospect, but I bet they didn’t feel that way at the time.

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