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Kelly Morris - Licensed Counselor To make an appointment with Kelly Morris, call 602.750.8051. Kelly works in the Scottsdale and Phoenix offices.


Kelly works with clients on these and other issues—


"Our lives are filled with events that influence how we think of ourselves, which in turn affects the choices we make. My desire is to help people explore these thoughts and to provide them tools to make healthier choices for a more fulfilling life."


In 2006, Kelly received a Master of Arts (MA) in Professional Counseling from Ottawa University. At the Adolescence Substance Abuse Program (ASAP) she provided group therapy for adolescents with substance abuse issues. At Lifetime Marriage, LLC, she helped facilitate two-day intensive marriage counseling sessions. At Resilient Relationships, LLC, she provided coaching for couples with children with special healthcare needs. She also created and lead workshops for couples with children with special needs on topics such as creating and maintaining healthy relationships, keeping healthy boundaries, and workshops for fathers of children with special needs. In 2010 she joined the staff at Deer Valley Counseling.


The following calendar is for viewing only. To make an appointment call 602.750.8051.

We answer the phones 7 days a week between the hours of 7 am and 8 pm. We are open evenings and weekends including both Saturday and Sunday. If we do not answer we are running an errand so leave a message please. Thanks!