5 Rules for Texting in a Healthy Relationship

Woman reading textThese simple rules will strengthen your relationship.

  1. Have a Purpose. 
    • Reminders  – “Remember dinner tonight at your favorite restaurant!”
    • Arrangements – “I’ll pick you up at 7.”
    • Flirt – “I love to touch your hand!”
  2. Moderation.  If you both are bored and have time on your hands, then text away.  Get to know each other.  But if one of you is busy and facing deadlines, forget about it!  Sometimes you don’t even have a thumb free.
  3. Keep it Light. Serious messages need to be in person or on the phone.
  4. Keep it Short.  Long messages belong in emails.
  5. Be Understanding.  Each of you has different needs and styles of communicating.  If you think your partner has texted something insensitive, remember, text messages are easy to misinterpret.  Clarify in person or on the phone.

With these 5 simple rules, texting can make your relationship stronger and better!

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