Emotional Affairs

It can start innocently enough. A friendly call or text to a coworker or mutual friend. But it can lead to an emotional affair, sexting, or even a physical affair. Keep these thoughts in mind—

Be aware. Am I doing this to be friendly, or am I hoping for something more? No secrets. If your […]

Misunderstandings When Texting

Talking Is More Than Words

When we talk to someone face-to-face—

We see expressions We see body language We hear emotion We see gestures.

This is a two-way street – we see them and they see us.

Texting Is Mainly Just Words

Give your partner a break! Don’t assume you know exactly what they meant […]

5 Rules for Texting in a Healthy Relationship

These simple rules will strengthen your relationship.

Have a Purpose. Reminders – “Remember dinner tonight at your favorite restaurant!” Arrangements – “I’ll pick you up at 7.” Flirt – “I love to touch your hand!” Moderation. If you both are bored and have time on your hands, then text away. Get to know each other. […]