Aggressive Behavior

When you are aggressive you stand up for yourself in a way that violates the rights of another person.

Characteristics Domineering You feel righteous and superior The other person feels hurt, humiliated, angry and vengeful Achieves goals by hurting others and making enemies You make choices for the other person Aims for “I win—you lose” […]

3 Mistakes to Avoid When Texting

Texting can be a useful and fun part of a healthy relationship. But texting can also cause problems. Here are the 3 serious texting problems that I encounter with my clients –

Misunderstandings. Don’t expect texting to result in perfect communication. Do clarify when you think your partner is being hurtful. Excessive Texting. Don’t send […]

Do Something Nice for Each Other

When we’re dating, during that rush of hormones, we’re constantly thinking of nice things to do for our sweetheart. But as the relationship progresses, we become complacent. Other priorities intervene. Business meetings, school, exams, deadlines, children, family crises. We forget to be nice to each other. We take the relationship for granted and as a […]