Angry Feelings

We are human beings with the whole range of emotions. Anger is an emotion that we have the right to feel. Anger is not the problem. The choices that we make on how to act on anger are the problem. There are healthy appropriate way to act on our feelings, there are also unhealthy inappropriate […]

Responding Calmly

All emotions are a part of our life. Even negative emotions such as anger are simply feelings and are no problem depending on the way we act on them. If we act out inappropriately there may be consequences that impact our lives in a negative way. If we stop and think about our response and […]


Weather has an effect on humans, so as the weather heats up sometimes this can trigger irritation and anger. This can and does create problems. It is a good time to remember some calming coping responses and remember this hot, humid weather will pass into fall which is very nice here. Take good care of […]