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Six Steps to Change

Let's suppose there is something about yourself you want to change. It could be quitting smoking, working out more, drinking less, yelling at the kids less, reading more, or anything at all you want to change. There are six steps that we tend to go through when successfully making a change.

Step 1: Awareness

To make a change you must first become self-aware. You must accept your good qualities and your bad qualities. To change yourself, you must know yourself.

Step 2: Desire

To change, you must want to change. No one can force you to change. The choice is yours. It's up to you.

Step 3: Attitude

If you become aware of your shortcomings and then develop a desire to improve, you'll automatically approach life differently. Your attitude will change, because you want it to.

Step 4: Skill

Awareness, desire and a good attitude are not enough. You need knowledge of what works and what doesn't. You need new skills that will help you make lasting changes.

Step 5: Behavior

Master steps one through four and you will be ready for change. Follow them for ninety days and they'll become a habit. Follow them for a year and they will become a part of you.

Step 6: Subconscious

When you get a habit into your subconscious, it becomes automatic. You do not even have to think about it. You've changed!

Sandra Nettles, LCSW, MSSW
Jamie Nettles, MS

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