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Skills to Manage Feelings and Urges

List three strong feelings you sometimes have that lead you to want to use alcohol, drugs, sex, pornography or gambling–

  1. _______________________

  2. _______________________

  3. _______________________

Now think about these strong feelings and rate each of the following statements.

Almost Never




Almost Always

I can anticipate situations where I may feel strong feelings.

I can recognize when I am starting to have a strong feeling.

I am able to stop and think it through before having a strong feeling.

I can stop, breath and notice what I'm feeling.

I can use relaxation techniques to calm down.

I can call a time out when I need to.

I can use words to describe my feelings.

I can rate the intensity of my feelings.

I can acknowledge and validate my own feelings.

I am aware of what thoughts I had that led to my feelings

I am aware of what actions led to my feelings and what I can do differently

I can recognize and resist urges to hurt myself or others.

I can recognize when I don't want to do something that will help me and I can do it anyway.

I can pay attention to and respond to other people's feelings.

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