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Counseling for Cutting and Self-Injury

If you want to stop cutting or injuring yourself and you live in Phoenix or any other location in Arizona, call 602.750.8051.

Cutting and Other Forms of Self-Injury or Self-Mutilation

Someone who self-injures or cuts
  • Overwhelming Problems. Do your problems sometimes overwhelm you?
  • Self-Injury. Does it seem like the only thing that helps is cutting or otherwise injuring yourself?
  • Lack of Understanding. Does it seem like no one understands you or your need to hurt yourself?
  • Hiding Self-Injury. Do you wear long sleeves in hot weather or take other precautions to hide your self-injury?
  • Peers. Are your friends cutters? Do they encourage you to cut also?

Cutters use self-injuring as a way to deal with overwhelming emotions. Cutting releases endorphins that can relieve stress. It is a short-term solution that has to be repeated to be effective. Cutters run the risk of permanent damage, cutting too deeply by accident or catching an infection. There are better ways to deal with your emotions than cutting yourself.

Someone who self-injures or cuts talking to a therapist

Counseling Can Help

  • Root Problems. The counselor will help you find solutions to the problems you face.
  • Strategies to Avoid Cutting. You will learn better strategies for dealing with strong emotions.
  • Support. You will learn to develop a support system of friends, family and others to help when you are stressed.
Someone who self-injures or cuts happy

Benefits of Counseling

  • Feel happier
  • Feel better about yourself
  • Less chance of disease or death
  • Get along better with those who care about you

Counseling for Cutters in Arizona

Skills to handle emotions without cutting can be learned. Deer Valley Counseling offers counseling to people who practice cutting, self-injury or self-mutilation and who are living in all locations in Arizona. Cutting can seem like the only solution. Counseling can help. Call 602.750.8051 if you would like to discuss counseling options.

We have appointments available evenings and weekends including both Saturday and Sunday. If you call and we do not answer please leave a message.