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Building Self Esteem

If you want to improve your self esteem and live in Phoenix or any other location in Arizona, call 602.750.8051. Person with low self esteem

Purposes of Building Self Esteem

  • Trying New Things. Do you want the confidence to change relationships, careers or other situations you do not enjoy?
  • Stand of for Yourself. Do you want the assertiveness to stand up for yourself?
  • Unconcern with What Others Think. Do you want to quit worrying so much about what other people think?
  • Feelings of Efficacy. Do you want to feel you have the power to affect the course your life takes?
  • Feelings of Security. Do you want to feel you can handle the situation if anything adverse happens?
  • Satisfaction. Do you want to feel that, even with your faults, you are OK?
  • Happiness. Do you want to feel happy?
Person with low self esteem talking to therapist

Self Esteem Counseling Can Help

  • Develop Self Confidence. Your therapist will guide you through a series of exercises to show you that you are valuable, powerful and effective.
  • Process Old Thoughts. You will identify and process old events and thought patterns so that they no longer have power over you.
  • Learn Assertiveness. You will learn skills to communicate your needs and boundaries in a way that protects yourself without harming others.
  • Learn Positive Thoughts. Your therapist will teach you skills to replace negative thinking with positive thinking.
Person with high self esteem

Benefits of Self Esteem Counseling

  • Confidence to try new things.
  • Strong personal boundaries.
  • Feelings of self worth and self efficacy.
  • Better, more mature relationships.

Self Esteem Counseling in Arizona

Self esteem can be improved. Deer Valley Counseling offers self-esteem counseling to people living in all locations in Arizona. Low self esteem can sap your will and lead you to be miserable. Self esteem counseling can help you find a better life. Call 602.750.8051 if you would like to discuss self esteem counseling.

We have appointments available evenings and weekends including both Saturday and Sunday. If you call and we do not answer please leave a message.