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Overcoming Test Anxiety

If you want to overcome test anxiety and you live in Phoenix or any other location in Arizona, call 602.750.8051.

Test Anxiety Symptoms

Test anxiety can have the following symptoms before, during and after taking a test—

  • Freeze Up. Does your mind go blank even though you know the material?
  • Lose Concentration. Do your thoughts race or are you unable to concentrate?
  • Extreme Nervousness. Does your heart race, your mouth get dry, your head get dizzy and your palms get sweaty?
  • Headache. Do your head, neck and shoulders hurt?
  • Hives. Do you break out in a rash?
  • Uncomfortable Feelings. Do you feel fearful, angry, sad or helpless?
  • Performance. Does your anxiety cause you to perform worse than you should on a test?

A Counselor Can Help You Overcome Test Anxiety

A counselor can help you—

  • Develop Good Study Habits. By developing good study habits, you can prepare for a test and be assured you know the material.
  • Prepare the Night Before. By getting a good night's sleep, you can be rested and alert when taking a test.
  • Eat Right. Try not to eat high-carb or high-fat foods right before a test. Eat a light meal of fruit and vegetables instead.
  • Learn Relaxation Techniques. You can use breathing techniques and guided imagery to relax so you can perform at your best.
  • Coping Techniques. You can learn to recognize anxiety and calm yourself when it starts to occur.
  • Positive Self-Talk. You can learn to reassure yourself and develop self-confidence in your own ability.

Benefits of Learning to Overcome Test Anxiety

Learning to overcome test anxiety can have these benefits—

  • Better grades
  • More confidence
  • Access to better schools and better jobs
  • A feeling of self-efficacy and self-confidence

Overcoming Test Anxiety in Arizona

Skills to overcome test anxiety can be learned. Deer Valley Counseling offers test anxiety treatment to people living in all locations in Arizona. Untreated test anxiety can have serious consequences. Counseling can often help. Call 602.750.8051 to discuss overcoming test anxiety.

We have appointments available evenings and weekends including both Saturday and Sunday. If you call and we do not answer please leave a message.