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Gambling Addiction Treatment

If you want treatment for a gambling addiction and live in Phoenix or any other location in Arizona, call 602.750.8051.

Gambling Addiction Problems

Gambling addict
  • Relationship Problems. Does gambling interfere with your relationships?
  • Work Problems. Does gambling cause you problems at work or school?
  • Escape. Do you feel you need to gamble to get away from your problems?
  • Preoccupation. Do you think about gambling a lot?
  • Secrets. Do you lie about how much you gamble or how much you lose?
  • Guilt. Do you feel remorse after gambling?
  • Out of Control. Do you spend more than you can afford gambling, then sell things, borrow or steal to gamble more?
  • Chasing Loses. Are you trying to win back large loses by gambling?
  • Cannot Quit. Have you tried to stop or cut back but cannot? Do you get irritable when you try to quit?
Gambling addict talking

A Gambling Addiction Counselor Can Help

The skills to overcome compulsive gambling can be learned. Your therapist will guide you through the recovery process, teach you the skills you need, and provide feedback and encouragement.

  • Admit You Have a Problem. This is the first step to recovery.
  • Identify Why You Are Gambling. What unpleasant feelings does the compulsive gambling help you avoid?
  • Identify Justifications. What thought patterns and verbalizations are you using to justify your addiction?
  • Identify Triggers. Define the places, situations or events that trigger you to gamble.
  • Coping Responses. Develop coping responses which you can use rather than gamble.
Gambling addict in recovery

Benefits of Gambling Addiction Treatment

  • Better Relationships
  • Fewer Legal Problems
  • Less Stress
  • Better Career
  • More Disposable Income
  • True Happiness

Gambling Addiction Treatment in Arizona

Effective skills to overcome a gambling addiction can be learned. Deer Valley Counseling offers individual treatment to individuals in all locations in Arizona. Compulsive gambling can cause great emotional, financial and legal difficulties. Treatment can help. Call 602.750.8051 if you would like to discuss gambling addiction treatment.

We have appointments available evenings and weekends including both Saturday and Sunday. If you call and we do not answer please leave a message.