Grief Counseling

If you want to resolve your grief and live a satisfying life again and you live in or near Phoenix or any other location in Arizona call 602.750.8051.

The Effects of Unresolved Grief


Grieving is a natural human reaction to a loss. But we are rarely taught how to grieve. Many people in our lives are uncomfortable with expressions of grief. So often people who suffer a loss learn to hide their feelings. They do not process through their grief and so are stuck in the grieving process, unable to move on. There are five stages of grief—

Not everyone goes through every one of these stages and not everyone goes through the stages in this order. Stages may be repeated. The goal is to get through to acceptance—not to forget but to accept so that the loss is no longer overwhelming.

To move through these stages and properly grieve a loss, it is helpful to have a counselor to talk to who will not feel uncomfortable with your grief but who will help you express your grief in whatever way is best for you. In some circumstance, you may also benefit from medication.


Grief recovery can have the following benefits—


Grief can be resolved and you can live a happy, satisfying life again. Deer Valley Counseling offers grief counseling and recovery to people in all locations in Arizona. Unresolved grief can cause great emotional, relationship, career, and health difficulties. Counseling can help. Call 602.750.8051 if you would like to talk about grief counseling.

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