Counseling for Life's Issues

If you want to overcome a problem in your life that is causing you stress, anxiety, or depression, and you live in or near Phoenix or any other location in Arizona call 602.750.8051 for an appointment. Typical stressors include—

Our therapists use a cognitive-behavioral approach to counseling individuals with typical life problems. They will help you identify the problem and explore new ways of managing and resolving the presenting issue. They will create an environment where you can freely and safely express your emotions. They will help you examine the thought patterns that contribute to the feelings of stress, anxiety, and depression. For example, you may find that problems that you considered to be insolvable do in fact have solutions. They will also help you develop new skills to better deal with the identified problem. When dealing with these kinds of problems, an important aspect of counseling is having someone to talk to who is experienced in life, empathetic, and objective, and who can present a rational, fresh perspective on the problem or problems.

If you have encountered a problem similar to one of these in your life and you live in all locations in Arizona in Arizona, call 602.750.8051 to make an appointment.

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