Frequently Asked Questions

What is counseling like?

First you fill out a small amount of paperwork. Next, you go in to see the therapist and tell them what you want to work on. The therapist will take it from there. Our therapists are very active in the therapy session. They are not the kind of therapists who just sit back and nod once in a while. Depending on what brings you in, they will give you assignments to help you with your issues. You will work on those assignments and come back in a week or two, tell the therapist how it went, and get pointers on how to make it work better. If old issues are getting in the way, they will help you process those old feelings, but soon they will return the focus to developing skills and techniques to help you in the here and now.

How often will I need to see my counselor?

Most people come in once a week. Some come in every other week, mainly due to finances. Any less often than that and it is hard to maintain forward momentum. Rarely, someone will come in more than once a week, but that is unusual. As you progress in therapy, you will come in less often and will probably reach a point where you only come in rarely, when something new comes up.

How long will I need to be in therapy?

It depends on your issues and how diligently you work on them. All of the therapists at Deer Valley Counseling are committed to helping you solve your problems as quickly as possible. We do not believe in wasting time.

How much does therapy cost?

We have different therapists with different rates to fit your budget. Group counseling is a low fixed rate. For more details please call us at 602.750.8051.

Why should I invest time and money in therapy?

The skills you learn in counseling can affect your happiness for a lifetime.

What kinds of issues can the therapist help me with?

The Deer Valley Counseling therapists have the training and experience to deal with a wide range of issues. These include improving your relationships, moving through grief, learning to manage mood and anger, improving the ways you deal with sexuality, reducing anxiety and stress, controlling addictive behaviors, and even serious mental impairment such as psychosis and depression.

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