Sophi - Therapy Cat (In Training)

Sophi is a Silver-Shaded Exotic Shorthair. Exotic Shorthairs are a cross between Persians and Domestic Shorthairs. They have the sweet disposition and chunky body shape of the Persians. The Domestic Shorthair contribution includes better health, shorter hair and a little bit more active lifestyle. Due to their shorter hair, they are sometimes called "the lazy man's Persian" because they don't require as much grooming. Sophi has not yet started traveling to the office. Sophi started coming to the office in March, 2012.

Sophi at 16 Weeks

Sophi at 10 Weeks

10 weeks old. Being held by Sandra.

Sophi at 6 Weeks

6 weeks old. Very sleepy.

Please see our Animal Assisted Therapy (AAT) page for an explanation of how our therapy animals assist in the therapeutic process.

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