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Problems You May Be Experiencing

The following is a list of possible problems you may be experiencing, along with links to web pages that describe the problems in more detail and approaches for addressing the problems. This table is not meant to substitute for a qualified diagnosis.

Marriage problems Marriage Counseling
Partner problems Couples Counseling
Anger that interferes with your life, relationships, or career Anger Management
Sadness that is extended and severe Depression Counseling
Anxiety that is beyond normal nervousness Anxiety Counseling
Problems that women frequently encounter Woman's Issues
Family problems that involve an adolescent Troubled Teens
A loss that troubles you Grief Counseling
The loss of a pet Pet Loss Counseling
Extreme mood swings Bipolar Disorder
Problems maintaining appropriate boundaries Assertiveness Training
Chronic stress Stress Management
Problems following a major traumatic experience Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder
Uncertainty over your goals for your life Life Coach
Problems concerning ending a marriage or relationship and moving on with your life Divorce Recovery
An obsession with sex or sexual activities that causes you severe problems Sexual Addiction
Issues revolving around your identity as a transgender individual Transgender Counseling
Issues revolving around your identity as a lesbian, gay, or bisexual individual Lesbian, Gay, or Bisexual Counseling
Significant changes in your life that are causing you problems Life Issues
Any other issue that affects your emotions, thoughts, or relationships See below

Our therapists are trained to help people with many types of problems. If you feel you have a problem not listed here, please call us at 602.750.8051 to discuss your situation. Although the approach your therapist will use will depend on the exact nature of the problem, they will often use techniques such as those described below.

General Psychotherapy Approach



A psychotherapist can help you improve the quality of your life. Call 602.750.8051 if you live in all locations in Arizona in Arizona and would like to talk about psychotherapy.

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