Trauma Treatment

If you want to recover from a trauma such as a car accident, rape, mugging, witnessing a murder or suicide, or childhood trauma and you live in or near Phoenix or any other location in Arizona call 602.750.8051.



Our therapists use a cognitive-behavioral approach to the treatment of trauma. Your therapist will help you address your traumatic memories in a safe and supportive environment. She will teach you new skills, such as relaxation techniques, including guided imagery and deep-breathing exercises, as a healthy way to relieve anxiety and stress. In some circumstance, you may also benefit from medication.


Trauma treatment can have the following benefits—


Trauma can be treated. Deer Valley Counseling offers trauma treatment to people in all locations in Arizona. Trauma can cause great emotional, relationship, career, and health difficulties. Counseling can help. Call 602.750.8051 if you would like to talk about trauma treatment.

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