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Intake Packets
Psychiatric Clients

Follow these steps if you are coming in for medication management —


Read these Notices, which includes our Payment Policy, Consent to Treat, Privacy Policy and Fees.

Intake Packets

Download, print and fill out one of these —


If you suspect you may have Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) and believe you may need to be prescribed a psychostimulant, this is something that our psychiatric nurse practitioner, Lynnette Hjalmervik, will consider. If she does decide that a psychostimulant is indicated, she will not prescribe one without the following steps being taken —

  • Take this list of requirements to your primary care physician or other medical professional
  • Return the results to us along with the intake packet as described below

If we do not have the results at the time of your appointment, you can still see Lynnette, but will have to return for another visit once the requirements are complete.

Return Packets to Us

After you fill out the intake —

  • Scan and Email packet to us,
  • Or fax packet to us at 602-674-5701,
  • Or bring the completed packet with you to the first session.

If a child is attending and you are not the child's parent, you must show legal proof that you can make medical decisions for the child.